Calling Cards – Coming to Barbados. Eventually….

Everywhere you go in the world, you’ll find Long Distance Calling Cards.

Everywhere, that is, where the telecommunication industry has actually been liberalized and competition actually exists.Calling cards are retail products provided by telephony carriers to consumers, providing access to alternative (and completely legal) long distance services. These are usually available in $5 to $20 denominations, and provide a local telephone number for the customer to call and a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to use.

The per-minute rates provided are very competitive. For example, during a recent trip to Canada your author purchased three different calling cards from three different providers, from a choice of over twenty. The rates from Canada to the United States and Europe ranged from six to ten cents (Barbados currency) per minute.

How calling cards work is quite simple – from the consumers’ perspective they simply use a regular telephone or cell phone, and dial a local number. This connects them to an automated calling platform which authenticates the user (using the PIN, credit card, etc), and then presents “long distance dial-tone” – the customer then dials the long distance number desired, and the call continues.

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